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Useful info:

1. During our live transmissions, on the bottom left of the player you will notice the LIVE sign in red. When you do not see this sign, you should know that you are watching a pre-recorded transmission broadcast by autopilot. These pre-recordings are from our own previous worship programs. 

2. If the programs broadcast through autopilot do not run well due to the fact that the servers are overloaded, please click on "Video on demand". To access any video on demand, you will need to first click VIDEOS, on the bottom of the player, then in that list click "Recordings of worship services” and choose the one corresponding to the date you are interested in.
We apologize for the eventual inappropriate commercials which might pop up or run on the bottom of the player. They come with the package of our free streaming provider and we can't ban them from the free streaming. The variant without these commercials is quite expensive, and at this time we can’t afford to buy it. We do apologize for any inappropriate messages and we appreciate your understanding.
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